TEXAS CONTEMPORARY, Houston. Artist Featured: Stepanka Horalkova, Pascal Pierme, Albert Delamour


 Michele Mariaud next to Waves by Yolanda & H

Michele Mariaud next to Waves by Yolanda & H


works on paper and sculpture. 

Enter the magical, creative world of renowned French artist, Serge Bloch, where anything can happen, and the discovery of an ordinary little line can result in the most amazing adventure. 

Serge Bloch was awarded several international prizes for how work. His books are internationally published and he works for television, magazines and newspaper around the world. 

ART MARKET, Fort Mason San Francisco

Art on Paper, New York


Opening: September 17

Exhibition: September 17 - December 3, 2017

Location: Morris Museum,

6 Normandy Heights Road, Morristown, New Jersey 07960

WOW displays LeMay’s dedication to the land and the endless beauty it evokes. LeMay’s composite landscapes are so vividly realized that one feels drawn not just to view but to step into them.


Art Market Bridgehampton (2017)

Artists: Yolanda & H, Zhou Hongbin, Albert Delamour, Pascal Pierme, Joan Salo, Pascal Girardin, Stepanka.



Photography and Sculpture by Zhou Hongbin

Opening Reception: September 7

Exhibition: September 7 - 21, 2017

“I choose to be represented by familiar pets like my own bunny to create a habitat, similar to a personal garden, utopian and self-centered, where different moments of my own life are fixed and combined in the same picture” The artist has said she intends to create “lovely and pure thoughts and avoid the conflict of reality.”



Yummy porcelain macaroon-like installations, optical illusions of fluffy pillows, and golden clouds fill the wall with joy! Horalkova’s wonderment of the world is depicted in all of her work. 



This exhibition is a portal that leads into Albert Delamour's creative process and main influences. 

Video: Albert Delamour


Between the lines, Pascal Pierme 

Does the the line represent the calmness of life? An ideal form? Between the Lines sets two artists alongside one another for whom the simplest art element -the line- is the main component of their work. 


Nothing Cute is celebrating 2 years of Kid-In.net. Curator: Alice Bertay. Photographers: Tomothy Saccenti, Frej Hedenberg, Benoit Pailley, Tiago Motions, Salo Jeudi and Lionel Koretzky, Flattery O'Kafka, Bill Phelps, Maru Alvarez, Wanda Kujacz, Marilou Daube, Zoe Adlersberg. Masks by Nanse Kawashima.