Serge Bloch

The most successful cartoonist in France –on par with Reiser or Sempe and his American idol Saul Steinberg – Serge Bloch. You will instantaneously recognize the style: a few quick lines in ink on a white background, sometimes a touch of color: his characters jump off the page, tell a story and make you smile. His personal artwork –simple line drawings on white paper, sometimes featuring collages and objects gathered from his worldwide travels- will delight you with their subtle and sweet humor.

Enter the magical, creative world renowned French artist, Serge Bloch, where anything can happen, and the discovery of an ordinary little line can result in the most amazing adventure.

Serge Bloch was awarded several international prizes and gold medals in recognition of his work. His books are internationally translated and published and he works for television, magazines and newspaper around the world.

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