Qi Yu

"I have a primitive impulse on the art of ceramics. At the beginning of the creation my experience of the process from mud to ceramics is just like the birth of life. From the clay pottery blending to the symbol capture and the picture description to the surface glazing (like the human skin) it is a process of life. Then into the imperial kiln, refined in fire, we can see the wares like human embryo through the observation window of the kiln, red, transparent, like the image of a baby in type-B ultrasonic. Every piece of work is like the birth of a life when it is out of the kiln. This is a living process - "birth", "life" on the artistic presentation in a conversion of mud, fire, porcelain, thus the significance of the work becomes vivid and full. ..."

Qi Yu, born in 1969, native of Jiangxi province.

Graduated in 1991 from the central Academy of Fine Arts.


2016 ONE on ONE, Crystal Liu, World Gallery, Hong Kong

2015 Back to the Origination, Deyo J Belt castle, Luxemburg

2014 exhibition in the CERCLE MUNSTER club, Luxemburg,

2013 Back to the origination, China-EU cultural centre,Strasbourg, France Heart-Touch, Oriental Art Collection of Xiamen Museum, China

2012 Elephantine drawing, Yuhedetang art commune in Xiamen, China

2011 Back to the origination - Unknown", Yuhedetang art commune in Xiamen, China


2015 VARIA ARS, Artists Association Exhibition, LOUISE PASSERELLE, Brussels, Belgium

Meditation in Wartime, Sino-Ireland Art Exchange Exhibition, Dongyue Art Museum in Beijing

The Golden Fleece, Sino-Ireland Art Exchange Exhibition, 798 Beijing Art Gallery

Circles, Beijing Yue Art Gallery

2014 Sino-French 50 anniversary of Recognition and Friendship, exhibition featuring 50 Chinese artists, Paris, France

START in situ, International contemporary ceramic art Exhibition in Jinri Art Museum, Beijing, China

Here-meijiang, contemporary artists joint exhibition of Meijiang International Art Gallery in Tianjin

Lot Way—art exhibition of Sino-French artists in Art Museum in Xiamen, to celebrate the 50 anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France

Traceability of Source - the sixth ceramic art exhibition tour in Guan Shanyue Art Gallery, Shenzhen, China

The sixth Asian Art Fair in Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing

2013 Fifth Asian Art Fair in China International Trade Center, Beijing

The 1+8 - Eastern time, Sin- French artists exchanging exhibition in Yuhedetang art commune in Xiamen, China

Chinese Sculpture Literature Exhibition in the National Grand Theatre, Beijing, China

Chinese first installation art biennale in Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, and Tianjin Art Museum

2012 The Equifinality—curators art show of Xiangshan Art Museum in Xiangshan Art Museum Beijing

2010 Wisdom, the spiritual way of art exhibition in Xiangshan Art Museum, Beijing, China

First International Contemporary Art Festival in Art District of Jimei in Xiamen, China

First ceramic art exhibition of Xiamen Art Gallery, Xiamen, China

Boundless Prajna—the spiritual way of art exhibition in Baoguo Temple of Mount Emei in Chengdu, China