Linc Thelen

Linc Thelen received his BFA in painting from Northern Illinois University. He continued his studies by traveling abroad to Italy and France focused on mastering chiaroscuro technique of the renaissance masters. Painting for over 2 decades, Linc Thelen is an award-wining artist whose work is coveted in both private and public collections. Linc captures the classical principals of painting; composition texture, form and light and transformes those prominent techniques to canvas. Linc Thelen's paintings fuse his classical training with a modern perspective. Linc's work encompasses the evolution of the circle from precise architectural work to more free flowing organic forms. "The circle represents a metaphor and is the vehicle, which allows me to express myself. The circle can grow and evolve into different things I can identify with. This body of work has a life of its own- a hearth beat. It evolves as I evolve." says Linc Thelen.