Karenina Fabrizzi

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“…We live in a world in constant change, never having a moment for ourselves, never find the time to have some peace and tranquility.
In this body of work I want it to give the observer some time to reflect, to take a big breath and simply enjoy the moment to see something beautiful.

I always admire the beauty that the Italian Renaissance masterpieces evoke, you can never have enough, doesn’t matter how many times you saw them you will always feel amaze.”

Karenina Fabrizzi is an Italian artist who lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she later studied her Fine Art and Graphic Design Degree, she went on to study in several European countries including Germany, Spain and London. A keen traveller, her training later took her as far as New York, a favorite city of hers, where she spent a period as painting assistant to the American Pop artist Jeff Koons. Karenina’s work has been exhibited all over the world and is held in many private collections internationally



Glasgow Art Fair Scotland


Leevan Art Oriental Art Show Hong Kong

Commission mural piece for a private collector Paris, France

Manchester Art fair

Artzu Gallery, Manchester, UK

Glasgow Art Fair

The curious egg, Scotland, UK

Solo Show at Rembrandt Yard Colorado, USA

Solo show for no name gallery Borne Barcelona, Spain


Shortlisted Rise Art Prize

Design awards 2017 Manchester,

Glasgow art fair

The curious Egg Edinburg, UK


Group show Artzu Gallery

Edinburg Art fair with The Curious egg, Scotland


Manchester Art fair

ARTZU Gallery Manchester, UK

Group show ARTZU Gallery Manchester, UK

Bushwick Open studios Brooklyn, NY

Glasgow Art Fair (Arusha gallery)

Liverpool Art Fair (Arusha gallery)

AAF London, Brussels


Maison e Object

Paris Ici et là


AAF Hamburg, Seattle, Amsterdam, New York, London

Tallers Oberts Barcelona

La Plataforma


"Kaleidoskop oder die Lust an der Kunst" Connex & Salve Art Gallery Halle,Germany

Arte & Venta

Group Show "La Platafrorma" Barcelona, Spain

Group Show Drawing 2012 Swiss Art Space, Lausanne Switzerland

Group Show Salve Art Gallery Leipzig, Germany

Solo Show Cabinet de Curiosité La Plataforma Art Gallery, Barcelona Spain Colaboración JML Realizamos Interiors Barcelona, Spain


Art & Venta

La Plataforma Art Gallery Barcelona, Spain

Tallers Oberts

La Plataforma Art Gallery, Barcelona Spain

Galleria Ashanti, Roma Italy


Bel Etage

Lichtpunkt Gallery, Munich Germany

Collettiva Artisti

Galleria 6Senso, Roma Italy

Zipor, Ziporim, Ziporra

Lichtpunkt Gallery, Munich Germany


Solo show Galleria Ashanti, Roma Italy

Group show 6 Senso Art Gallery Rome, Italy

Group show Galeria 196, Rome Italy

Group show Temporary Love, Trastevere Rome Italy


The Rare Event of Contemporary Art

Group show Galeria 196 Rome

Group show Temporary Love Trastevere Rome

Group show SARA Japanese Gallery New York

Group show HASKER, Brooklyn New York

DUMBO Art Festival Jan Larsen Fine Art New York

La Santa Proyectos Culturales Expo “Do you want to?” Barcelona, Spain

RWK Art Show, Jan Larsen Gallery New York

BAC Festival, Video Art Festival Barcelona, Spain